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Atlas Paper A3 80gsm 5 Ream Box

Atlas Paper A3 80gsm 5 Ream Box

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Atlas Paper A3 80gsm 5 Ream Box

Size A3 80gsm
No. of Reams in one BOX
5 Reams
    • ATLAS PREMIUM PAPER is specially adapted for printing in machines using the xerographic principle. It is developed for high - speed and problem free usage in highvolume copier.
    • Picture & Text: ATLAS PREMIUM PAPER is designed to produce sharp images/graphics from todays sophisticated surface, which is reflex-free and excellent for non-strenuous readability.
    • Printing: ATLAS PREMIUM PAPER is made to give the highest possible reproduction and function in electrostatic dry toner printing(xerography) in both simplex and duplex printing.
    • Binding: ATLAS PREMIUM PAPER is well suited for stitch and thread binding. During perfect binding the sheet should be trim 0.5-1.0mm to ensure uniform adhesiveness to the paper.
    • Environmental: ATLAS PREMIUM PAPER is produced from Elemental Chlorine free (ECF) pulp.
    • ATLAS PREMIUM PAPER is recyclable.
    • Ream: Paper/Polyethylene
    • Box: Corrugated board
    • Pallet: Shrink-wrap for pallet: Polyethylene
    • Production: ATLAS PREMIUM PAPER is produced from a mix of ECF short and long fiber pulp from sustainably managed forests. Locally processed calcium carbonate is used as filler.The paper is neutral sized
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